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A happy Thanksgiving in Manhattan

2015 December 2

One of the best things about travel is the new experience.  This Thanksgiving we went to visit my husbands family in New Jersey and my husband decided that we should go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.  I had never been to that parade but I did grow up watching the Hollywood Christmas parade march down Hollywood Boulevard, and it was always a treat.

The start of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2015

My husband was able to secure us spots front row and I was able to re-experience all the excitement and feelings I had as a child watching the Christmas Parade in Hollywood.

Clowns, clowns and more clowns!


A plethora of marching bands is a must for any good parade - and Macy's did not disappoint!

We also brought our two boys and of course there is nothing better in this life than embarrassing an 11 year old boy, so I did plenty of yelling and cheering.

Hartley's favorite float - The Giraffe!


Elf on the Shelf!

and more clowns!

On the day prior to the parade we went to the Big Apple Circus which was amazing; beautiful visually, as well as exciting!

Big Apple Circus aerial acrobatics

Amazing feats!


A good time had by all... and more clowns!

After the circus we had roasted nuts from a street vendor and went to see the department store Christmas windows.

One of the windows at Saks

A Bergdorf's window and my favorite!

It was a great trip and entirely what you would want to do when visiting Manhattan with your children!

A trip to the Bahamas and Kamalame Cay

2015 November 22
by Michelle Workman

My Husband just turned 40 and his wish was to go to a private resort where he could walk out from our room to the beach.  Wish granted!

Kamalame Cay (Ka-MAL-a-MEE Kee)  in the Bahamas is just off Andros Island (which strangely enough has an International Airport for charter flights), and is beautiful.  The environment, is beautiful, the staff are friendly and eager to please.

The food is delicious and fresh, and Samson who runs the dining room is charming and chipper at all times.  The housekeepers kept us well supplied and were like ghosts, who came only when we were away it seemed.

There was a breakfast basket delivered every morning to our door, and cookies every afternoon.  We hardly saw another soul and since wifi was only in the office we were able to unplug and reconnect with nature and one another.

I can’t wait to go back and bring my boys.  I imagine them perpetually in their swim suits, beach combing and snorkeling.

It is a slice of heaven.

On one of our excursions we went to a Batik factory on Andros Island – if you arrange it ahead of time you can even print your own design!



Our last day there and this was the sunrise we were awakened by.

We work hard in this life, the purpose of which sometimes gets lost.  My purpose is to experience beauty in all its forms and to make sure that others see, feel and appreciate beauty as well.  It can only enrich you and make you a better person.  Take some time out and find beauty in your environment, without your phone or computer.  Breathe in the quiet.

Revamping the Blog – Furnishing a Fabulous Life, part deux

2015 November 17
by Michelle Workman

Hello Friends, Fellow Designers and Design Junkies!

I have decided to give our blog a renovation.  Over the last several weeks we have started to clean house and began to look at what we want to present to you as we move forward.  Rather than try to come up with constant content that is meaningless we decided to post less, but make it more personal, at least to us here at Michelle Workman Interiors.

Expect to see posts that are more about my travels, and what I am currently working on, fun with fashion, and market posts.  We won’t be doing any more product posts, or general posts about design or fashion.  It will all be about what is happening here and what is exciting to us here at Michelle Workman Interiors – no more content for contents sake.  I hope you will enjoy it!

coming soon is a post about a recent trip to the Bahamas!




#WhatToWearWednesday – What’s New What’s Next NYC

2015 September 9

What’s New What’s Next is an event at New York’s Design Center celebrating what’s new and what’s next in ideas, design, materials and products.

I will be attending this event next week, and I cannot wait!

When attending ANY event in New York City, one has to carefully coordinate the perfect NYC wardrobe. The last time I visited The Big Apple, I went for the typical New York black. This time I’m opting out of black, and going for green.

These are some first looks at what I will be wearing in the big city:


#WhatToWearWednesday – Atlanta Market

2015 July 8

I’m beyond excited about this year’s Atlanta Market. There are so many events to attend including an awards dinner and a party for the Portman White Vignette designers. Needless to say, I need to look great!

Here’s what’s on my fashion agenda for the next four days:

 – Vintage pieces in red, white & pink – inspired by my Portman White Vignette

– I will be accessorizing with beautiful work from Louisa Guild Jewelry

-I can’t wait to see the other designers in their show stopping Atlanta Market looks!