I’m the daughter of a hippy mom and a cowboy dad; born and raised in Southern California. My father moved to Australia when I was two, and it was mostly just me and my single mom, which was a new thing in those days. We hitchhiked up the coast as far as Morro Bay, and down the coast as far as Tijuana. She waitressed a lot in those early days, and we spent her off time driving around the nicer neighborhoods of Los Angeles, soaking in the architectural grandeur.

I spent much of my childhood roaming the streets of Hollywood on roller skates, convinced that I was already a fashion icon.

Instead of Saturday morning cartoons, I watched strings of movies from the glamorous heyday of Hollywood; films from the 1940’s to the early 1960’s were on tap through the (local) KTLA channel. On the weekends, my mother would put me on a bus to visit my grandparents in Ventura or Camarillo, both on the 101 freeway, just up the coast from LA. The passing landscape of rugged hillsides swathed in wild mustard plants and windrows of eucalyptus trees flanking either side of the highway filled me with a sense of wonder. I would open my window and breathe in the exotic, yet familiar scents.

This mighty juxtaposition of the ruggedly natural coast and mountains, with the glitter and fairytales of old Hollywood have informed my very eccentric aesthetic.

I have always been a chameleon, trying new clothes, hair, looks, etc., playing at being different people. This allows me to immerse myself in my client's personality and paint a portrait of them with their home as the canvas. It’s never my style. Every project I design is wholly unique. It is your home, your story to tell.


Embracing the collaborative process, Michelle knows the importance of working with you to create your vision for the project reflective of your taste and personality. As both an interior designer and product designer, she can identify and prioritize each component to be considered, giving you options and the ability to make confident choices about design and budget.

Michelle’s design process starts with interviews and a comprehensive visual survey of your personal aesthetic, not limited to only furnishings and home décor, but embracing all aspects of your life including art, fashion, and design.

This process allows Michelle to render a home design that is specific to you and tells your unique story.


Michelle Workman Interiors design studio readily takes on all types of projects ranging in size from an entire home, office, or hotel, to a singular design task requiring the studio’s expert resources of knowledge and craft.

Upon launching her firm in 1999, Michelle quickly garnered the attention of Hollywood’s top celebrities due to her aesthetic eye and sense of discretion. For many years she worked within this tight group of A-list clientele, never publishing or photographing her work, earning the trust and respect of her very private clients. Michelle’s first published celebrity interior was that of Jennifer Lopez’s home; which was her third project for the star.

Since then, Michelle’s projects and designs have appeared on both national and international television shows, and in numerous national and regional magazines, as well as hundreds of blogs and social media outlets.

Considered a consumer influencer, her take on luxury, trends, and style have garnered partnerships with such far flung brands as Cadillac, Zillow, and Shutterfly. She is a frequent guest speaker throughout the U.S. on topics addressing design, trends, and the industry.

In 2013, Michelle relocated her design business and family from Los Angeles to Chattanooga, Tennessee. An integral part of this move included the expansion of the business into product design, and product licensing relationships with a variety of home furnishing manufacturers.

Michelle remains available to her local and regional clientele, as well as continuing to take on national and international projects.