Michelle Workman Interiors offers a wide range of interior design services for both residential and commercial clients. Services range from full service, concept-to-completion interior design and installation for whole home or multi-room projects, to a la carte design services including window treatments, hourly design consultations, specifying consultations, and single room full- service design or redecorations.

Regardless of the size of the project, we bring attention to detail, logistics and planning, all while maintaining high aesthetic and taste, to give our clients a beautifully executed space with unparalleled service.

Full-Service Interior Design

We typically start our full-service interior design projects with an initial meeting with the client to understand the client's design goals, their likes and dislikes, the project budget, and other requirements of the client for the project so that we can propose an appropriate scope of work. This initial client meeting, when local, is complimentary. For non-local projects, a nominal fee plus reasonable travel costs will be quoted for this initial visit to the location with the client.

Following the initial client meeting(s), we organize and manage our full-service interior design projects, whether whole home or single rooms, in three main phases: Design, Ordering, and Installation. In the Design Phase, we charge a nominal design fee per room included in the project, which then allows us to create complete designs for each room and then present the client with the complete design boards, renderings (at request) and itemized proposals showing the cost of each item and all estimated project costs, including designer and project management hours. The total of the proposals will be within the budget for the project that is agreed to at the onset of the project. Once the client approves each proposal, a deposit will be required, the Ordering Phase begins, and the schedule for the Installation Phase is targeted. We project manage throughout all three phases of the project to ensure that quality, budget, and schedule are well-maintained all the way through to the installation of the very last item.

All furnishings for the project (i.e. furniture, fabrics, wall-coverings, custom-made furnishings, lighting, surfacing materials, accessories, etc.) will be proposed and billed at either one of two price points to the client, depending on where it is sourced from:

  1. Discounted Retail Price. For many items, we are able purchase furnishings through our trade accounts and these vendors charge us what is called net pricing, which allows us to sell those items to our clients at or below the manufacturer's set Retail Price; or
  2. Cost Plus. For any items that are not available through our trade accounts, we will source the Minimum Advertised Price ("MAP") which is what you might find as the lowest available direct-to-consumer price via a retail store or the internet and add a mark-up.

If there is construction or renovations involving professional labor (painting, refinishing floors, new surface installations, etc.), we will specify the materials to be used for the construction or renovations, including but not limited to paint, finishes, flooring, tile, countertops, hardware, fixtures, etc. as part of our interior design services at our standard hourly designer rate. Please note however, that any contractors or subcontractors will contract directly with the client, not through our design firm.

A detailed explanation of our billing practices, along with current rates, are outlined in the Interior Design Agreement we will present to the client after the initial consultation. Or for any questions on the above or to obtain a schedule of our current rates, please call us at (423) 437- 9000 or submit an Interior Design Inquiry.

A La Carte Design Services

Full-Service Interior Design for Single Rooms (Local Clients Only)
For our local clients, we offer our full-service interior design services, as outlined above, for smaller projects, like a single room.

Design Consultations (Local Clients Only)
A design consultation includes a site visit with a client with professional design advice on styles, layouts, scale, colors, types of fabrics and wallcoverings, etc. Design Consultation is charged at an hourly rate. There is a two-hour minimum for the first design consultation.

Specifying Consultations (Local and Remote Clients)
This service is useful for any client, whether local or not, who is doing new construction or renovations involving professional labor (painting, refinishing floors, new surface installations, etc.). We will specify the materials to be used for the construction or renovations, including but not limited to paint, finishes, flooring, tile, countertops, hardware, fixtures, etc. For non-local clients, we can offer this service remotely. Specifying Consultation is charged at an hourly rate.

Window Treatments, Custom Pillows, and Re-Upholstery (Local Clients Only)
We offer full-service window treatment design, fabrication, and installation services, as well as custom-made pillows, and furniture re-upholstery services for our local clients. Following the initial client meeting or consultation, we will present the client with fabric choices, design styles and pricing proposals for individual or multiple room window treatments, custom pillows, or re- upholstery. This will include all of the materials, labor, pickup and delivery, and installation, plus designer and project management fees.

Note: Local Clients are considered within 2 hours of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Trip fees may apply in some instances when Client location is further than 30 miles from downtown Chattanooga.



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